Welcome to the Grand Court of Missouri

The Order of the Amaranth is a fraternal, social and charitable organization which endeavors to develop the moral character of its members through the teachings of Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity.

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Missouri GRM & GRP

Grand Royal Matron, H.L. Judy Farrow and Grand Royal Patron, S.K. Doug Reece

2024-2025 Grand Court Flyers

Aug 10, 2024

Leadership Training, School of Instruction

GRM, GRP, & Grand Officer Reception


Aug 16-19, 2024

Four State Amaranth Reunion


2025 Grand Court

“Praying For A Cure” Session

April 10-12, 2025 at DoubleTree by Hilton Springfield, Missouri

April 10 – Evening – Informal Opening

April 12 – Evening – Installation

The “Order of the Amaranth” Means Many Things To Many People

To its early members it meant the opportunity to build upon the strong foundation of TRUTH, FAITH, WISDOM and CHARITY. A fraternal Order having for its purpose, service to humanity, set to the music of fraternal love.

To its present members, the “Order of the Amaranth” means a challenge to build higher and stronger upon these foundations of fraternal love and service. It means the hand of fraternal friendship to those in distress. It means thinking and remembering about its members in their hours of sorrow and sickness. Most of all, it means the opportunity to serve our fellow human beings, to enjoy the close fraternal ties of mutual respect and understanding to enrich our lives with friendship worth far more than gold or silver.

Amaranth Fights Diabetes

In 1979, the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation was formally adopted and diabetes became the primary philanthropic project through which the Order of the Amaranth works for the betterment of mankind. The Order of the Amaranth has mobilized the efforts of its membership to prevent and cure diabetes and to help improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Thanks to the dedicated support of our members worldwide we have raised over $7.5 million in the fight against diabetes.

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